Databases should just work with everything

When I am developing a program or website I often have to use databases in some or another. Sometimes each file is just an SQLite database file and sometimes I have one file for managing all the data a program uses. Sometimes my web applications may require many databases. Databases are generally the easiest way of loading/storing data and they just work.

But there is a problem with databases. They are an absolute nightmare, in most programming languages, to work with. In C/C++ you need to use SQLite which takes loads of coding to initialize. The same problem exists in  Java. And .Net. And Python. And PHP. Not only do you have to write lots of code to work with them, you also have to do a lot of work to lay them out. Sometimes you can use visual designers, sometimes you have to use an SQL console.

I would like, one day, to be able to write one line of code to access a database: Database db = new Database(“C:\dbs\mydb.db”, “username”, “password”);. And then if I could run queries the way that I want to run them and if I could present data the way I like my life would be a lot easier. Perhaps I will code the described database class. I think that will be my ‘job for the week’.


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